Pet Party Planning

How to Start a Pet Party Plan Business

Everything you need to know about how to start a pet party plan business. Pets are an important part of our families and are usually treated so. Instead of the fun of the famous Tupperware parties, you can hold pet parties where you sell products specifically made for family pets! According to the recent statistics … Read more

Horse riding lessons

Make Money Teaching Horse Riding

Turn your love of horses into a money making endeavor. Teaching horse riding can be very lucrative and you don’t have to be an expert to do it. You do not even need to own a horse or stables. Jenny Lee Doyle was a stay-at-home mother of four when she decided to do something about … Read more

Goose management

Make Money from a Goose Management Business

Here’s how to start a goose management business – you train your dog to chase geese from public areas such as golf courses, parks, schoolyards, etc. You’re on the golf course, ready to take a shot. It’s going to be a hole in one – you can feel it – you bend over, ready to … Read more

Pet photography business

How to Start a Pet Photography Business

Starting your own pet photography is a dream job for people who love animals and photography. Not only will you get to make new friends with pets everyday, but also earn money in the process. This is one great business idea, which involves making dogs, cats, and other animals smile. A very simple (but unique) … Read more

Dog swap sitting

Start a Dog Sitting Swap Business

How to start a dogsitting swap business, where each of the member dog owners will agree to take care of each other’s dogs while they are on vacation. No one wants to leave their dog at a kennel or beg a friend to watch it when they go on a trip. Do these concerned dog … Read more

Luxury Pet Hotel

Start Your Own Luxury Dog Kennels Business

Many dog owners hate to leave their dogs in a kennel while they are away. Create a luxury kennel for these owners. The dogs will have a great experience, the owners will feel much more comfortable, and you will have your own business! Dogs will stay in their own suites and only well behaved dogs … Read more

Professional dog walkers

Make Money Walking Dogs

If you love dogs, you will really enjoy running a dog walking service. In this article, find out about the huge business potential that a dog walking service business has. What could be better than being paid for leisure walks? Not only do you get fresh air and a bit of exercise but also get … Read more

Pet tags

How to Start a Dog or Cat Pet Tag Business

Start your own dog or cat pet tag business by selling name tags for cat and dog collars. Find out more in this article. Unfortunately, name tags on cat and dog collars can fall off or get lost. You can solve this problem by creating collars with their name and your contact information embroidered right … Read more

Pet burial in private garden

How to Start a Pet Burials Business

Start a business creating caskets for people who have lost their pet, so they can bury them. Help pet owners with your own pet burials business. People who have lost a long loved pet usually want to bury them close to their home, often times in their own yards. Creating caskets for this purpose could … Read more

Pet care business

Start Your Own Dog Caring Business

Help people look after their dogs by starting a dog caring business. Learn more in this article. For people unable to properly care for a dog all of the time, you could share one of your well-trained and affectionate dogs with them. Your dogs could share time between you and several families. You would provide … Read more

Women with dog wearing jewelry

How to Start a Pet Jewelry Business

Jewelry is not just for humans anymore, pet owners love to spruce up the little Lady or Fido, with jewelry too! Learn how to start a pet jewelry business. Jewelry is something everyone loves wearing. Let it be stones, gold, silver, or pewter, there are all sorts of jewelry that everyone will like. Now, to … Read more

Pet sitter

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

When pet owners go away on business or vacation, they want to make sure their precious pets are well taken care of. Most would rather have a person care for their pet or pets than sending them to a kennel. Make some cash pet sitting! Having a pet is like having a companion at home. … Read more

Dog reading newspaper

How to Start a Pet Publishing Business

If you know a lot about your pets, this home-based pet publishing business could help you make some money! Is your pet your best friend? Do you spend lots of time playing with them and watching them? Have you often wished they could make money for you? No, I am not talking about sending a … Read more

Animal worming

How to Start a Pet Worming Business

Just like humans, pets need their medication for various reasons. These pets need their medication for worms, and that is where you can cash in with your a pet worming business. When a cat or dog needs medication for worms, you can bet that the owner would rather have someone else do it. Most people … Read more

Mobile bait store

How to Open a Mobile Bait Shop

In this article you will learn how to open a mobile bait shop and begin a business idea that will help your local fishing enthusiasts out. Since many stores that sell bait are usually too far away from popular fishing sites and are only open a limited number of hours a day, you can provide … Read more

Chicks hatching

How to Start a Chicken Hatching Business

Start a business that provides chicken eggs and incubating equipment necessary to raise chicks from eggs. If you have ever watched a tiny little life peck its way out into the world through the shell of its egg, you were most likely struck with awe by the determination of the little chick within. Newly hatched … Read more

Bird excrement on pole

Make Money With a Bird Poop Cleaning Business

Bird poop or droppings can be really messy. Learn how to make money by starting your own bird poop cleaning business! On a warm sunny day, have you ever rejoiced to find the last parking space under a shady tree knowing that your car will not be a furnace when you return? If you have, … Read more

cat grooming business

How to Start a Cat Grooming Business

Learn how to start a cat grooming business – bathing, combing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning cats and more. Are you a cat lover? Would you like to turn your love of these furry fellows into a profession? If so, then you can launch your own business that specializes in the grooming of cats. They will … Read more

Dog grooming business

How to Start a Business Teaching Dog Grooming

It’s just a fact of life; dogs are born with nails and fur. Unfortunately, they don’t also have the opposable thumbs needed to trim their own nails and brush and clean their fur. This leaves the task of grooming to their owners or to a costly professional pet groomer. That’s where you can help! Do you … Read more

2 Horses in a field

How to Start a Horse Property Business

Finding a suitable property that will include facilities for a horse, or horses, can be a difficult task. Learn how to help these horse-home hunters by starting a horse property business! Most people are likely familiar with how difficult it can be to locate a home to rent, or lease, that will allow pets. Now … Read more