How to Become a Healthy Home Consultant

Become a Healthy Home Consultant and help rid homes of pollutants for a fair price.

Everyone considers the home to be “home sweet home”. However, is the home actually sweet? Nowadays pollution has made houses the lurking place of many perils like dust, allergens, chemical vapors, and toxic molds.

These pollutants can make the people in the house ill and prevent them from getting better. Therefore, to rid them of these pollutants, you could offer your services to look over their house for a price.

When offering your services, you should be able to look for and recognize all the potential hazards in a house. You should also show them a fire escape plan if they live in an apartment or multiple story building and include any needed steps for fire prevention.

You should have sufficient knowledge to know where there is no or low airflow in the house and warn people of the hazards of drinking water directly from the faucet.

Asthma and many forms of allergies are triggered by, mold spores, pet fur, and dust mites. Therefore, it is better to advise people of these pollutants to build or retrofit the house with, low or non-toxic, materials so there is complete ventilation in the house.

The less airflow there is in the house, the more the tendency of these triggers aggravating humans and animals. Where there is no ventilation, the house may get too damp to live in. This in turn encourages lead paint flaking and peeling, mold growth, and facilitates infestations by cockroaches and many other insects.

Mold grows on many building and decorating materials, like sheet rock paper backing, carpet, upholstery, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, insulation, and around standing water. Some forms of mold can even kill. So, it is better to advise the ultra sensitive to use non-toxic materials in the house like; ceramic tiles, stainless steel countertops, natural stones and woods and low shag rugs.

Let them know that it is better to use non-toxic cleaners in the house as come cleaning agents and pesticides emit volatile organic compounds that may cause respiratory and neurological conditions, including cancer.

Make sure that the house has its alarms maintained regularly. Radon, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors have to be functioning well. Check gas ranges, and any other appliances in the home using natural gas, to insure they are in good working condition.

If not working properly, excessive carbon monoxide is in the home. Stress often, the most important safety issue is maintaining a clean home. Tell the client that pet dander and dust is dangerous for asthma sufferers and children.

There are so many homemakers unaware of all these precautions. You could offer your services and make their houses safer to live in. Advertise your services in the neighborhood through pamphlets, flyers, or ads in the newspaper. Once you get a few satisfied happy clients, they themselves will vouch for you and give your reference to friends. Offer them a gift or discount if they do.

You can charge depending on the size of the house, and the amount of work you have to do to make the house safe for the homeowners to live in. So if you know all about safer and healthier houses, why not spread your knowledge to make your neighborhood, and the world, a healthier place to live!