How to Become a Mobile Child Care Provider

This is not about the baby sitting jobs that you know of. This is a unique business which provides a lot of convenience to people who are very mobile in their day to day life.

It’s good for them since they wouldn’t need to arrange for a baby sitter every time they visit a conference and it’s good for you as you would be earning much more money in a shorter amount of time. It’s a job that will not only earn dollars for you but will also make you popular with the masses.

You will make money by offering your services as a one time baby sitter at events where the attendees are accompanied by children. Your customers could include: Conference Venues, Wedding Reception Venues, Function Centers and all kinds of party venues. You can charge on a per hour, per child basis e.g. $10 per hour, per child, with a minimum charge of $200.00.

It doesn’t take much of an effort to start this business. The first thing is to gather a few tips on baby sitting. This could also include ideas for group games and toys too. Group the tips and game-ideas etc into age-based categories. Shop over the Internet or contact the local wholesale store to buy toys, games and other stuff required for keeping the children entertained and busy.

Remember that this type of baby sitting job is different because you would be taking care of more than a couple of children; so group games will really become handy.

It would be good, if you can get an estimate of the number of children expected and their approximate ages. Just check this with the venue owner or the event organizer; otherwise you will have to go with some approximate numbers.

As you gain more and more experience, you will be able make more intelligent and accurate guesses. You can also keep collecting data from various jobs you do, and use it for analysis and estimations.

Tip: Offer discounts to customers who are able to provide an estimate of the number of children expected.

Based on the number of children expected and their ages, you might have to arrange-for or hire some other baby sitters too. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep a list of baby sitters handy at all times. Include the contact details, the rate, availability time periods, on-call availability and preferences for each babysitter.

To gather this information, you can initially make use of the Internet or run an ad in the local newspaper. Also look for ads in baby care magazines and keep track of flyers posted by babysitters at various places. Keep this information organized in a spreadsheet that you can update on monthly basis.

Tip: You can also distribute some inexpensive gifts like small puzzles, crayons, etc. to the children (stick your contact details on each of these gift items). This will bring more business to you and to the venue owner (which again translates into more business for you).

Some parents might contact you for baby sitting jobs at their homes. Such jobs can be used either as fillers (when the business is dull) or as mainstream jobs that can be outsourced to other babysitters (you can charge a referral fee from them).

Advertise your services by sending your brochures to the owners of various venues in your locality – conference venues, wedding reception venues and function centers. Advertise in wedding directories and post fliers at party supply stores.

If your service is professional, you should soon find your business soaring high in the skies.