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How to Create a Vision Board

Women making a vision board on the wall

In this post I’m going to be talking about a useful tool when setting your goals as mentioned in The Secret by John Assaraf. It is the creation of what is known by a vision board.

Creating a vision board could not be simpler if you only know precisely what it is that you really want and are willing to make the effort.

It’s now time for you to find pictures, words, affirmations, photographs or cartoons that represent to you & your goals. It is also important that you find photographs of yourself in which you are in positive, optimistic, happy states.

You will be sticking these pictures etc. on to your vision board, which is like a kind of collage of your goals and aspirations.

It is important that you find these photographs of yourself because you will be placing yourself in the vision board hopefully doing the things that you really want to do, have, be and achieve.

There are two ways that you can actually make the board. One way is to use a huge board and paste your pictures on it or you can use PowerPoint, Photoshop or keynote and create a board that you can print out. This cannot only be inspiring; it can be fun and exciting, too.

Each time that you look at your vision board, and you activate your imagination to really see yourself achieving your goals, allow yourself to get into and enjoy the feelings of actually living out your goals in your mind, realistically, as if it is happening now and thinking about and imagining what is kinds of things you will be hearing on the outside, externally as well as the kinds of things you would be saying to yourself: i.e. positive self talk, you will be powerfully programming your subconscious mind to take you effortlessly to the full and complete realization of the goals that you set yourself.

It’s important that you do not allow your vision board to sit around gathering dust. Rather, the daily study, the daily practice, the daily discipline of going back to your vision board, having it in a place where you will see it at least twice per day, for example, on your dressing table or above or beside your bathroom mirror, will help you to realize your goals much faster, with less effort and in positive, empowering ways.

Continue to pursue this daily exercise of using your imagination to help you and your unconscious mind to focus on the achievement of your goals.

In summary, make a list of your goals, go out and find magazine pictures, photographs — including of yourself — and design empowering affirmations, words or prayers that remind you in verbal format of what you are trying to achieve. Put yourself into a collage using what you have found and you have a vision board on your hands.

The fun part and the part that is most left out of teaching about vision boards is the vision part or as the author has heard it said by wealth mentor Leslie Fieger, “Imagineering”, because it encompasses not only visual imagining, but tricking the mind into believing that the goal you want to achieve is actually being achieved right now, in this moment.

This should be done daily and each time should feel terrific, as you experience yourself actually achieving your goals as a very “real” imaginary experience. So, allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the process of designing new life experiences that will enable you to have your dreams come true.