How to Open a Mobile Bait Shop

In this article you will learn how to open a mobile bait shop and begin a business idea that will help your local fishing enthusiasts out.

Since many stores that sell bait are usually too far away from popular fishing sites and are only open a limited number of hours a day, you can provide them with the easy and convenient access to the bait that they sorely need to continue their cathartic day of fishing.

This ‘business idea’ can be literally started overnight and carries with it virtually no overhead. With a little hard work and a small bit of education on the habits of your fellow fishing aficionados, you can turn a tidy profit very quickly.

Most people daydream about an ideal day of fishing. They look forward to their fishing trips for weeks ahead of time. But, have you ever been on the shore of a beautiful body of water, enjoying the sun as well as the restful peace and quiet of a day of fishing, only to realize that you inadvertently kicked over your container of bait? The thought of packing up your gear and going home because of a case of the klutziness can ruin your whole outing. What if you knew that you had an easy convenient alternative?

You can sell this bait in a number of ways. You can set up a simple stand to sell your bait out of that is nearby a popular body of water. You could also sell your bait out of your car or truck. As a third option, you could provide your potential customers with a pager or cell number that they can call to contact you at a moment’s notice.

Once contacted, you can provide them with the exact bait needed with a considerable mark-up to cover any expenses incurred while delivering it to them at their location. This last option might be especially attractive to sports anglers; who take their fishing excursions very seriously and will spare no expense to catch the fish of their choice.

Since the choice of bait can be a very personal decision among people who fish, several kinds of bait can be utilized to catch the same kinds of fish. Because of this, you should make several kinds of bait available to your customers. The wider the variety of bait that you have to offer, the more likely your customers will be to remember you and look to you for their future bait purchases.

While the idea of using worms as bait might be considered a bit cliché, they certainly work and are still a popular and inexpensive choice for fisherman everywhere. You should always have some on hand, should you not be able to offer a customer their first choice of bait. There are several kinds of worms that can be found (or bred) quite easily by you beforehand.

To be sure that you are offering the bait most often used for the fish that are populating the sources of water in your area, you should carry out a little research.

Crickets, grasshoppers, and fireflies are popular choices for people looking to catch bass, catfish, and sunfish.

Small fish, like minnows, are a popular choice for fishers looking to catch fish on the larger end of the spectrum, since the diet of most large fish consists of fish smaller than them. Crawdads are another popular choice. Depending on which part of the country you live in, crawdads are also referred to as crawfish or mudbugs.

If catfish or carp are the fish predominately populating the bodies of water where you live, you may want to be able to offer your customers such things as rabbit pellets, chicken skin, hotdog bits, or day old pastries and breads.

If you have fishers in search of an eel, they are known to eat frogs, snails, various bugs, crawdads, worms, and small fish.

If your fishers are into catching a fish such as chain pickerel, you will have an even wider assortment of bait choices to offer them since these fish will eat a diet similar to an eel but will also consume mice and newts.

If you will be operating out of your vehicle, you will likely want to invest in some sort of attractive and easy to see sign, to let folks know where to get their bait. You might want to try a large magnetized sign that can be placed almost anywhere on your vehicle and it will not damage it.

Once your customers find that your products are what they are looking for, word will spread quickly.