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How to Rid Yourself of Negative People and Influences

Negative energy from two people arguing

There is a concept known as ‘guilt by association’, this is an unfair way of assuming someone is doing bad things based on the company they keep.

However, this concept has its evolution in some sound principles. Principles that must be understood for true success. Let’s take a look at achievement by association.

It’s the little things that can add up – what we watch and listen too embeds itself in our subconscious – you can make your own choices, but often these things are experienced mindlessly. We hear a good beat or laugh at a sitcom, but never step back to understand what it really means.

This is not being judgmental, just a fact. Nobody is telling you to stop watching and listening to the things you enjoy. Just keep in mind that one little lyric here, or off color joke there will eventually be expressed in our behavior if we let it go unchecked.

Negative influences have a way of taking a firmer hold than positive ones. Do not look at this fact with a defeatist attitude but rather as a precaution. You need to add much more positive input to make up for the negative, but the good news is that the positive input is more uplifting and will just make you feel better.

One way to counteract these negative influences is to read positive books. This helps put more good stuff into our minds. If you can tip the balances in favor of positive input, then logically, that will come through in your behavior as well.

The people you hang around with play a major role in your self-development. And this isn’t just in your private social life. It also extends to the people you hang around with at school, church, and your career.

Think about this… Do you ever wish people would stop gossiping so much? Then stop hanging around with people that gossip. Seek out those people at work and play who are most likely to help you achieve the things you want.

Mentors are those people that have achieved some of the things you want to achieve. They will guide you and give you advice, but more importantly they will hold you accountable. This can have a very positive psychological effect when you are faced with negative inputs that are within your control. Having a knowledgeable mentor is priceless.

There is one more thing that you need to consider when it comes to positive association, and that is yourself. More specifically, the things you tell yourself.

It doesn’t matter how much positive input you are giving yourself if you keep thinking it’s nonsense, or you are somehow doomed to fail anyway. It seems fitting that the most powerful element of success is the one that nobody else can do for you.

Why does this matter? Because reaching the higher levels of achievement is always met with obstacles – that’s why so many people never make it that far. Once they encounter a obstacle, they quit. But if you have the right mindset, then you will welcome the obstacles because you recognize them as a sign of progress. Not only will you understand their significance, but your positive mindset will help you get beyond them without causing you undue stress.

Just as listening to certain song lyrics or watching negative TV programs is a habit, so to is turning to positive influences. You can begin achieving greater things once you understand how your everyday associations impact your life.

As you add more and more positive input you may find yourself saying or doing positive things you have never done before. When this happens you will truly understand the power of mastering this skill. Get rid of the idea of guilt by association and start achieving by association.

Rid Yourself Of Negative People In A Way That makes You Feel Good

Why is detoxing to rid yourself of negative people important?

Those that carry a permanent air of negativity will be the ones who will stand in the way of your goals. They will talk you out of doing things, planting the seeds of doubt in your mind as they go.

Being constantly bombarded by negative energy can drain your energy levels, bring with it stress and anxiety. Positive changes cannot happen when you inhabit a negative space. Allowing the toxicity that negative people bring to seep into your veins will stunt your opportunity for personal growth and success. When negative people are removed from your life, it opens up space that positive people can move into, bringing with them encouragement and support.

The process of detoxing negative people from your life:

Step 1: Come to the realization that you are worth it

If you want to achieve goals and become a better person, you need to believe you can do it. Cutting loose the anchor of negativity that is pulling you down will help you get where you want to go that much faster. How do you come to this realization? Start by making an active choice to commit yourself to what it is you want from life. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of that.

If there are negative people in your life, ask yourself the following:

– What sort of effect are these negative people having on your life?
– What are your goals and how much do you want them?
– Are negative people stopping you from reaching those goals?

Step 2: Identify the negative folks

You start to feel worse the moment you start talking to toxic people. They suck all your positive energy and leave you feeling miserable. They will quickly shoot down any type of idea you suggest. They will question everything you say and do, trying to convince you that making a change will be the worst possible idea you have ever had.

It’s not always easy to spot when they are doing this, as they will sometimes make it sound as though what they are saying is positive. What they are really doing is filling your head with doubts that do nothing but make you feel totally insecure about yourself. You need to learn to identify when this is happening, as it is the only way you will spot the negative people that need to go.

Step 3: Get them out of your life

This can be done in any way that you think will be effective. Ignore their calls and steer clear of them. It’s okay to be apologetic for your actions, but you do not need to defend what you are doing. Do not resort to rudeness or hate, but rather let them go with love. You may even allow them back into your life if they are able get rid of their negativity and adopt a new attitude in the future.

Step 4: Don’t give in to guilt

Remind yourself that you are worth it and don’t give your actions a second thought once they are done. It may feel as though you are abandoning those people, but that is simply not the case. You are merely letting them go so that they can find their own way and you can find yours. You might even have tried to help them in the past with kind words and encouragement, but all to no avail. There comes a time when you have to cut your losses and move on. It is up to you to do what’s best for yourself, not others. It is human nature to grow and change throughout your life, with many people falling out of your life
as those changes hit.

Step 5: Prepare to be positive

Replace the toxic people with those who are positive and willing to be supportive of your goals. These people will offer words of encourage in everything that you do, even if some of those things are a little scary or risky. Positive people are up for and willing to try anything, and they are the ones that usually succeed when they try.