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How to Start a Cat Grooming Business

cat grooming business

Learn how to start a cat grooming business – bathing, combing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning cats and more.

Are you a cat lover? Would you like to turn your love of these furry fellows into a profession? If so, then you can launch your own business that specializes in the grooming of cats.

They will need bathing, combing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and sometimes an owner simply needs assistance in getting their feline companion to and from a vet’s, without freaking out their animal or ruining the upholstery in their personal vehicle.

While cats are fastidious about cleaning and grooming themselves, they unfortunately do not have those handy opposable thumbs that allow a human to cut and trim their own nails. Moreover, licking yourself can only get you just so clean.

This leaves the task of bathing with water or cleaning products as well as the cat’s nail care for its owner and main caregiver. It is recommended that cats’ nails be clipped once or twice a month (especially before bathing it). For anyone who has ever attempted to bathe an unwilling feline, let alone clip its nails, they will be the first to tell you that groomers are worth every penny!

While there are plenty of groomers available to maintain the health and beauty of dogs, there are few services available to aid in keeping a cat looking beautiful and healthy. There is clearly a need for this kind of service.

You could perform these services in your home, at the client’s home, or set yourself apart from other animal care services by providing personalized transport to make a cat owner’s life easier. Ideally, you could perform these services using a quality van to pick up and deliver the cats who are in need of grooming.

A van would also offer the added benefit of providing advertising for your business because it would provide you with an easy means of getting your business’s name out there. You can add a large plaque to the sides and back of the van letting people know the name of your business, the services that you provide, and contact information.

You should be sure to have the appropriate tools for clipping a cat’s nails. Never use clippers that are intended for humans. For the safety and health of the animal, be sure to only use clippers that are specifically designed for pets or cats (be sure to have a backup pair on hand, just in case).

You should also have a selection of cleaning products available so that you can accommodate felines with allergies and special needs. The more prepared you are, the happier your customers will be and they will have a lot more faith in the professionalism of your services.

You will likely want to provide additional advertising of your services by creating a website featuring pictures of lots of happy cats and their owners. Be sure to provide information on the services you provide as well as a basic pricing structure.

Make sure that it is easy for potential customers to contact you with any questions and to schedule appointments. You may also want to feature the various products that you use to care for your feline customers. You may also be able to generate extra profits by offering these products for your customers to purchase, in addition to any services that you may perform for them.

You would also benefit by running a visible advertisement in a local phone directory, list your business with online business directories, and print up flyers and post them in places where people with pets are likely to visit. Among these places should be elementary schools and day care centers. Be sure to include popular lunch places and coffee shops too!

Most post offices and grocery stores also have bulletin boards that they will allow you to place an advertisement on. Be sure to take advantage of any public bulletin boards in your immediate area to find the people who are looking for you and your services.

In no time at all, you will have built up a large clientele base (since cats need their nails clipped at the very least once a month!), many by word of mouth as they witness your professional services in action.