How to Start a Chicken Hatching Business

Start a business that provides chicken eggs and incubating equipment necessary to raise chicks from eggs.

If you have ever watched a tiny little life peck its way out into the world through the shell of its egg, you were most likely struck with awe by the determination of the little chick within.

Newly hatched chicks are the cutest little things, so cute in fact, that you were likely tempted to pop the little peeping chick into your pocket and take it home with you! If so, you are not the only one.

You can start a business that provides schools and other environments with the eggs and incubating equipment necessary to raise chicks from eggs all the way to cute, healthy little peeping balls of yellow fluff.

More and more schools are finding that incubating and hatching chicks in a classroom environment can teach children far more than reading about a chick ever would. Children learn to nurture, they learn biology, and they learn how wonderful and magical the world of living things can be.

Once the renter of your eggs and equipment have completed the process of incubating the eggs and watching them hatch, what then? Since almost no school is prepared to care for full-grown birds, you can rent the equipment and eggs to the organization for a pre-determined period of time and arrange for either their safe delivery back to your location or a convenient pick-up of the chicks once they have hatched.

You can obtain the eggs from local farms for a relatively small fee and purchase a clear tabletop egg incubator new or second-hand, to save on business startup costs. Depending on the number of eggs and incubators and temperature monitoring equipment rented by your customers, you can charge around $75 per week.

There are several types of birds that are appropriate for this sort of venture. The eggs most often used are from ducks, chickens, and quail. Most likely, your choice of bird eggs will depend on their availability to you from local suppliers.

In addition to learning to properly care for your un-hatched chicks, you will need to provide detailed information to your customers. The most critical detail of their care is the temperature at which they are kept. Varying the temperature of the un-hatched eggs by even a couple of degrees can end the little lives contained within.

Not only would this be terrible for the customers who would be racked with guilt, but it would also be terrible for your bottom line. To prevent this kind of mishandling, you should probably have your customers sign some form of agreement that leaves them liable, should the eggs be damaged by neglect.

They must agree to be vigilant about their care, twenty-four hours a day. You should also make sure that your customers could contact you easily by phone or email, should they have any questions or concerns regarding their wards.

Hatching eggs is a curiosity enjoyed by a wider of community of customers than you might initially think. It has been done, not only in classrooms across the world, but also in daycare centers, preschools, retirement and assisted living homes, as well as hospitals.

This sort of business really thrives on ‘word of mouth’ advertising. This makes customer service and customer education a really vital part of your business. Happy eggs make happy customers. Happy customers make happy business owners!