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How to Start a Dog or Cat Pet Tag Business

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Start your own dog or cat pet tag business by selling name tags for cat and dog collars. Find out more in this article.

Unfortunately, name tags on cat and dog collars can fall off or get lost. You can solve this problem by creating collars with their name and your contact information embroidered right on their collar. You could sell each customized collar for about $15 each.

Isn’t this a great business idea? Most of us have had a pet that just cannot hang on to their nametags. Who knows what happens to them but they just disappear on a regular basis especially if your pet hates it. (I wonder how many dogs have buried theirs?)

Offer a service that will embroider all of the important information needed on collars for cats and dogs, or any pet that needs one. Just think if someone finds it separated from your pet, you might actually get it back again. If the collar is still on the pet and the pet is lost, you will get them both back.

If you sew and have a sewing machine that you can use to make these collars, this could be the business idea you have been looking for. You could sell these attractive customized collars for about $15 each. Offer them in lots of fun colors and embroidery designs.

Making them from washable fabrics will be a nice option to offer too. If collars were more comfortable, they might stay on longer also. However, you also have the option of using pre-made collars and just embroidering the pets’ important information on them too. If you buy the collars in bulk from a wholesaler, you should be able to receive an inexpensive price on them; this will keep your costs down and provide you a good profit margin.

There are many new high tech sewing machines on the market that can make this project easy to do, whether you are a sewer already, or not. If you don’t own one already look into how much it might cost to purchase an embroidery machine that could accomplish this task easily.

If the price seems reasonable, then you might also think of purchasing fabrics that would be durable enough to put on a pet for a collar. The nice thing about making collars like this is that you will not have to use much fabric to make them; this will keep your cost to make each item quite low, you will probably spend more on a buckle for it.

Your initial investments will be in thread, fabric and a machine that will embroider for you. Then invest in a site that you will be able to sell them on, or if you would prefer – offer your collars at flea markets and fairs. Whatever your choice will be, it should be a fun project to pursue.

It would even be a great wristband idea for Alzheimer patients that have a habit of wondering-off or for toddlers that wonder in stores and other crowded places. You could offer a second business doing the same thing for other types of customers. Your wristbands could become a popular item to wear if they are attractive enough.