How to Start a Goat Grazing Business

When a homeowner has weed problems it can be frustrating. Offer a natural solution, by providing them with a small herd of goats that will eat the weeds and turn the soil at the same time!

Are you a person that has room to keep and take care of a herd of goats? If yes, you might give thought to investing in a herd of goats, which will work for you and you won’t even need to worry about what to feed them.

Their job will be to eat the dreaded weeds that people have way to many of and people will gladly pay you to have them do it. During the spring and summer months your goats will be especially busy, this is when people typically need the help more than any other time. It doesn’t take a long time for them to accomplish this task either.

You will need to make it clear that when your herd takes care of this for them that they will eat everything in sight. This is where your need for temporary fencing will come in, making sure that the herd takes care of only the areas your customer wants taken care of.

Typically, this is a great service for people planning to landscape an area of their property and they don’t want to use lingering chemicals that may harm the landscaping plants that they plan to plant after the clearing.

This is also an excellent way to clear a large area of land, which needs clearing of an overgrowth of weeds. When weeds take over and then dry, they are a serious fire hazard. Many areas are in need of a service like this, an easy way to take care of these dangerous fields of unwanted grasses and weeds.

Check and see in areas that have to pay large amounts of money to have this done regularly, usually they have a tractor plow under these areas, but this just assures them of more weeds growing back. The herd of goats will eat the plants, roots and all, turn the soil, and leave behind a natural fertilizer. This should save them from having to worry about clearing the land as often, saving them money!

This is a much needed business idea, more and more people are now becoming educated on the damage that chemicals have caused to the planet. There is no need to use these harmful chemicals when we have a natural method of eradicating weeds by simply letting goats do it for us. They not only take care of the weeds, but also leave fertilizer behind.

With the great increase of organic foods in the marketplace today, many farms could use your welcome herds of goats to clean up the fields each time before planting a new crop. This will also be a safer way for new farmers wanting to take part in the organics revolution allowing them to offer their crops as organic too.

To start this business idea you will need to have the area to keep a herd of goats, a sturdy portable fencing, and a way to transport your herd from one area to another. The nice thing about this type of business is that you can start out small and grow with the demand for your services if you choose.

Be sure to do your homework and understand how to take care of your goats that are going to be doing most of the work, they will occasionally need to have a veterinarian also, so be sure and make enough money to cover all of these possibilities.