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How to Start a Pet Burials Business

Pet burial in private garden

Start a business creating caskets for people who have lost their pet, so they can bury them. Help pet owners with your own pet burials business.

People who have lost a long loved pet usually want to bury them close to their home, often times in their own yards. Creating caskets for this purpose could be a great new business idea worth starting.

Creating many different sizes starting from the size of a goldfish to a large dog should probably be the range to aim for. If you choose too, you could even offer larger sizes for horses, but that would take some serious designing plans.

The death of a close family pet can be difficult for children, parents often will use this sad time to explain, or introduce, death and the burial process to their children. Providing an appropriate casket can make the burial a little easier to explain and can help children understand the process of the burial of future loved ones in caskets.

Offering simple wooden boxes to metal sealed caskets are your option to choose to sell. If you are able to construct the caskets, you will be able to make a high profit margin on each sale. If you are a handy person with many different materials, you may have a good choice for a profitable business.

Remember that you will have to have caskets on hand, or at least the basic containers so that you will be able to ship the caskets quickly to the families that need them.

As you receive the orders, it will require you to embellish the chosen caskets that are ordered and then either offer next day shipping if the customer wants to pay for faster shipping, or include the shipping cost in the full price and decide on the fastest shipping options.

If you are a creative person, you can use many simple prebuilt containers that are inexpensive and make them into beautiful resting places for people’s pets. Remember that a goldfish is not very expensive, so try to offer a casket that isn’t too pricey, but appropriate. These smaller pets might be fine with cardboard caskets, lined with satin and embellished with casket-like items on the outside.

You could choose to sell on the web from your own web site, and/or offer your items to local pet shops in your area. If you do decide to start out small with local pet shops, make sure you protect each casket with durable packaging and printed information attached with it.

If pet shop owners aren’t sure if there is a market for pet caskets, ask if you can leave one or two, for display purposes with order forms that you can leave with them. Be sure and leave pamphlets with pictures of the many types and sizes you offer, including a price list for each size and material.

Offering these caskets for an average of $100 should be a good price. However, this will depend on what materials you plan to use and embellish with inside and out. The more you decide to put into the making of the caskets the more you can ask. There are sure to be some people that will pay thousands of dollars for something special.

The hardest thing to accomplish will be penetrating this top end of the market. Using a web site will open up your business to many different types of spenders so be sure to offer a vast variety of caskets if you want your business to grow quickly. Start with the same basic designs offered for people, and use your imagination from there on.

Whatever type of pet burial service you decide to provide, always remember the sensitivity of the business you are in. Pet owners whose pets have passed will need your guidance and sympathy at such a difficult time.