How to Start a Pet Jewelry Business

Jewelry is not just for humans anymore, pet owners love to spruce up the little Lady or Fido, with jewelry too! Learn how to start a pet jewelry business.

Jewelry is something everyone loves wearing. Let it be stones, gold, silver, or pewter, there are all sorts of jewelry that everyone will like. Now, to make sure that everyone’s pets are not far behind in this race for jewelry, many people manufacture pet jewelry, yes jewelry for pets! Jewelry that includes chains, lockets, collars, and anything fancy one can envisage.

So today, the creation and manufacture of pet jewelry proves to be a lucrative business. In fact, pet owners love to spruce up their pets, and themselves, in pet jewelry. Instead of buying jewelry only for their pets, or for themselves, they now venture into buying matching jewelry for both of them.

You can create any form of jewelry; made of sterling silver, pewter, or gemstones. Be as creative as possible to create jewelry designs that will entice both the pet and pet owner!

One of the most common pieces of jewelry is jewelry with a Celtic design. This jewelry can be attached either to the pets collar, or used as a pendant in the pet owners chain or necklace. Adding a special stone to the center of these pendants, make it even more attractive to your prospective customers.

You can also create matching gold charms for their pets. Adding genuine stones to these charms make the charm more charming! To make the jewelry more alluring to the customer, you could offer the charm in a lovely gift box that matches the gold charm.

Another novel idea for pet jewelry is designer pet ID tags and pet ID jewelry. It is not that you have to create all this jewelry; there are many jewelry designers out there creating masterpieces out of jewelry; you could offer to sell this jewelry for these jewelers, and charge a commission for these sales, .925 sterling silver pet tags make a very stunning presence wherever the pet goes. Therefore, instead of using a cheap, ordinary, plastic, or aluminum pet tag for the pet, let pet owners have unique pets with these sterling silver pet tags.

Of course, whatever pet jewelry it is that you are creating or distributing, it is very important to have a web presence through which you can sell your pet jewelry. Create a website with pictures of this jewelry, and with information about it.

Looking at the picture itself, the pet owner should feel like buying pet jewelry for their pets and themselves. Of course, the pets that are most likely to wear pet jewelry are cats and dogs. Sometimes pets require something more rugged looking, and something more masculine.

The costs for this pet jewelry should not be too high nor should it be too cheap. Sometimes the cost can go up to hundreds of dollars, while some jewelry may cost only $1!

Remember to keep a reasonable price range so that both rich and poor pet owners can buy pet jewelry. Do not forget to mention the shipping and handling.