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How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

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When pet owners go away on business or vacation, they want to make sure their precious pets are well taken care of. Most would rather have a person care for their pet or pets than sending them to a kennel. Make some cash pet sitting!

Having a pet is like having a companion at home. This is why it can sometimes prove to be rather difficult for a pet owner to send their pet to the kennel if they go on a vacation or business trip. Instead, they would feel better having someone look after their pet personally, than keeping the pet in a kennel, (much like jail for animals).

This is the reason for the bloom of pet-sitting services around you. You too can easily start a home business as a pet-sitter with minimal investment, if you have a fancy for pets! Pet sitting is a great means of making money in the company of your pet friends; you assure the pet owner of taking the best care of their pets in their absence.

Having knowledge of the specific service needed for different domestic house pets proves to be an added advantage for you. This way, you can offer to look after any pet; be it an iguana, dog, rabbit, pigs, or even tarantulas! Once you start your pet-sitting business, and learn the secrets of the trade, you can always have other people who are animal lovers work for you. This way, you can attend to more pets, and thus have more income generated for you!

Pet sitting is a very easy business to start up, with immediate results. All you have to do is to advertise your services either through pamphlets or through websites. People who have entrusted their pets to your custody are sure to vouch for your services if they are satisfied with your caring for their pets. So even advertising through word of mouth proves to be a good form of advertisement for you!

The advantage of starting a pet-sitting service is no experience or training is required. All you need is a love of pets! There is no need of wearing any expensive wardrobe or specific uniforms.

However, just as an added incentive, you can always advertise your services by wearing shirts with your company name or logo on them! There is no investment required for pet sitting only an office to manage your accounts and records! All your work is accomplished in the client’s home!

You have very flexible hours with pet sitting too. You will probably need to spend some time in the morning, afternoon, and evening with the pets; that is all! This can be while your children are in school, and thus very convenient for you! Besides being a novel source of income for you, with pet-sitting services there is an added benefit, you can lose weight! This is because you burn calories and thus shed pounds running after, playing with, and walking them!

When pet sitting, you will have to meet your client and pet in their home. This is to familiarize yourself with the pet or pets, so that you can provide the best services. The pet should also familiarize itself with you because you will be taking care of it for a few days.

It needs to feel comfortable with you in the house. Be sure and ask and take notes on where the pet food is to be found and how much to offer for each meal. Also, take note of the pet’s veterinarian and phone number, for health and safety reasons. Find out if you need to administer any medications also and ask how to get the animal to accept them. Your thoroughness will put the client at ease with you and convince them that they can trust you with their beloved pet.

One thing to remember is never misuse the liberty of the client’s house or house keys. Do not offer the keys to others, as this would be a breach of security on your part. Take very careful care to lock up when you leave their home and file the key away in a safe place.

Just follow all these points, and your instincts with pets to establish a full-time pet-sitting service for your neighborhood!