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Make Money from a Sidewalk Art Advertising Business

Sell advertising on the sidewalk

Let’s face it, sidewalks are great spaces that are not used much for advertising, just walking on, here’s your chance to start an artwork advertising business.

You may have noticed in recent years that grocery stores are starting to advertise some of their products on the floors of their isles. These advertisements really catch the eye of shoppers. Why not use the same idea to catch the eye of people passing by shops while walking past!

Store windows are often used to lure customers in to shop, but there are some people that aren’t looking at the store windows all of the time, but they have to look at the sidewalks if they are walking. It could prove to be dangerous if they are not looking where they are walking. Offer to use these simple boring spaces outside of businesses to advertise for them.

Sidewalk chalk art is more typically known as a favorite pastime for children, but it isn’t always. There are many forms of very sophisticated art applied to sidewalk areas around the world. If you are a creative artistic type person, you can make money by creating eye-catching ads with chalk outside of businesses on their sidewalks. Why not apply your passion and talents to making money by promoting businesses and applying your sidewalk artwork for them?

If this ‘business idea’ is of interest to you, you will need to invest in very little. You will need a hefty stock of pastel colored chalks, check your local craft, toy, and art stores for them. A broom, masking tape, some cardboard, gloves, or rags for smudging, knee pads, large sheets of plastic, and a digital camera, so you can add your works to your own portfolio.

You may need to start your artwork at home first and take good pictures of what you can present to the various businesses. Be sure to offer many different types of art; fine art, whimsical fun art, modern art. The more diverse you are the more work you will acquire.

Remember that the businesses that you will be targeting are in areas where there will be a good amount of foot traffic. You won’t want to hinder traffic in any way while you are creating your masterpieces. The best time to work on them will be before the businesses open. You will need to time yourself also when creating your various pieces; this will help you plan how long you will need to accomplish them. This also can help you decide how much to charge for your services when contracting with your customers.

Always be open to new ideas for designs and learn the various techniques in applying your designs to last however long the businesses would like. Since most sidewalks are often public, you may need to check with local laws and ordinances to make sure that you will not be fined for your artwork applications.