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Start Your Own Cat Claw Clipping Business

Cat claw clipping

If you have a natural affinity for cats, why not start your own cat claw clipping business. Learn more in this article.

It’s just a fact of life; cats are born with claws, just like people have fingernails and toenails. Clipping a house cat’s claws is a hassle for any cat owner.

Unfortunately, cats don’t also have those handy opposable thumbs that allow you to cut and trim and file your own nails. This leaves the task of cat’s nail care to its owner and caregiver.

It is recommended that cat’s nails be clipped once or twice a month (especially before bathing it). If you are a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to trim a cat’s nails. Most people give up and resort to taking their precious feline to the vet and end up paying huge fees for each visit. Some just let their poor pets suffer because the trip to the vet and the prospect of doing it themselves are both options that are not going to work for them. Rescue them with your welcome and affordable service.

You will want to perform this service at the pet’s home so that your customer will not have the inconvenience of loading their unhappy cat into its carrier and hauling the loudly protesting animal to an unfamiliar location. No cat really likes the process of nail trimming, so your customers will also be grateful to you because their cats will not be resentful of them!

You will need to have a steady but firm hand as well as basic clipping supplies. Never use human nail clippers. Only use clippers specifically designed for pets or cats (be sure to bring a backup pair, just in case).

You will need to hold the clippers in your dominant hand and the cat’s paw in your other hand. Since cat’s claws are designed to retract, be sure to extend the claw outward before you clip it.

You will do this by holding the paw and placing your index finger on the pad of toe where you are going to clip. Place your thumb on the top of that toe, and then press your finger and thumb together. This will extend the nail for you to cut. Locate the vein that runs through the cat’s paw and be sure to cut just above that vein. Be sure not to cut too closely to the vein (the area of the nail that is pink) or the cat may have some bleeding and be in pain. Then you will have a very unhappy cat and likely an unhappy customer on your hands as well!

If the cat has black or dark nails, just cut the nail just beyond the point where it starts to curve downward. Be sure to clip the end off each nail on both the front and back paws. Once you are done cutting their claws make a habit of giving the cat a special treat while petting and praising it for putting up with you, after a while they will know the routine and give into your procedure in the future. It might even be a good idea to try to play with the cat before and after for a few minutes also.

For your own protection with new cats that aren’t sure about you or your service, you may want to be sure to wear protective clothing and use a collar and leash to keep them from running and hiding from you. Encourage the cat owner to work with you so that their dear cat isn’t traumatized by the whole ordeal and you aren’t clawed by their cat.

You will likely want to advertise your services by running a visible advertisement in your local phone directory, also list your business with an online business directory and advertise also by printing up flyers, then post them in places where people with cats are likely to visit. Among these places should be elementary schools, pet stores, and day cares. Be sure to include popular lunch places and coffee shops too!

Most post offices and grocery stores also have bulletin boards that they will allow you to place an advertisement on also. Be sure to take advantage of any public bulletin boards in your immediate area to find the people who are looking for you and your services.

In no time at all, you will have built up a large clientele base (since cats need their nails clipped at the very least once a month!), you will find many by word of mouth as they witness your professional services in action!

Over time, as your successful business grows, you could even expand into cutting the nails of other creatures like rabbits, dogs, and large birds.