Start Your Own Luxury Dog Kennels Business

Many dog owners hate to leave their dogs in a kennel while they are away. Create a luxury kennel for these owners. The dogs will have a great experience, the owners will feel much more comfortable, and you will have your own business!

Dogs will stay in their own suites and only well behaved dogs will be allowed. Have small, medium, and large play areas for different sized dogs. Get proof of vaccinations, too. You will need to supply food, shelter, play, etc. Mark up your charges to create your profit.

For many pet owners, their pets are like their own children. The pet owners stress over what to do with their beloved pets when traveling on vacations. If you can create and offer luxury kennels for these pet owners, you will be offering a much-needed provision for them. Typical kennels are just too much like jail cells, you can offer their pets their own enjoyable luxury suites.

Of course, for a service like this you would only make your suites available to well behaved dogs. Offer small, medium, and large play areas for the different sized dogs that will stay at your luxury kennel, offering small, medium, and large suites for them also. These dogs will have a great experience, the owners will feel much more comfortable, and guilt free when checking them in to a very elite luxury kennel.

In order for the dogs to check into your special luxury suites, you will need proof of all of their vaccinations, the name and number of their veterinarian, their food preferences and any medications that need to be administered while they are staying.

In addition, a way to contact the owners if there is an emergency and any other information that their owners feel important, while their precious pets are staying with you. This will assure the owners that you are going to take good care of their precious pets. You will also have everything that you need to assure an enjoyable stay.

Make sure that you inform all of the local veterinarians of your services and leave information about your luxury kennels at the local pet stores, and shops. Advertise in local newspapers what you offer as opposed to the typical kennels.

You will want to make sure that your pet owners bring along any items that their pets are attached to, if the pet doesn’t have any, it can be helpful to include a piece of worn unwashed clothing or bedding, belonging to their owners or their favorite dog bed or pillow.

This can often ease the stay for pets that are not comfortable being away from their owners. Offer plenty of recreation for each dog while they stay with you too, providing different types of play areas for them. Also, include plenty of human contact while they are with you, they are probably used to a lot of human attention when they are at home with their owners.

You should also offer clipping and grooming services for your temporary pet guests while they are staying with you. You might even see if you can hire a masseuse that can offer canine massages for your guests. Any way that you can think of pampering your canine guests, will help to make your kennel suites the preferred choice of their owners.