Pet tags

How to Start a Dog or Cat Pet Tag Business

Start your own dog or cat pet tag business by selling name tags for cat and dog collars. Find out more in this article. Unfortunately, name tags on cat and dog collars can fall off or get lost. You can solve this problem by creating collars with their name and your contact information embroidered right … Read more

cat grooming business

How to Start a Cat Grooming Business

Learn how to start a cat grooming business – bathing, combing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning cats and more. Are you a cat lover? Would you like to turn your love of these furry fellows into a profession? If so, then you can launch your own business that specializes in the grooming of cats. They will … Read more

Cat claw clipping

Start Your Own Cat Claw Clipping Business

If you have a natural affinity for cats, why not start your own cat claw clipping business. Learn more in this article. It’s just a fact of life; cats are born with claws, just like people have fingernails and toenails. Clipping a house cat’s claws is a hassle for any cat owner. Unfortunately, cats don’t … Read more