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Teach People and Make Money by Creating Online Courses

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You can make money helping people by creating online courses. Countless people are doing it. Some have quit their day jobs and become full-time online tutors teaching their favorite subjects. You can too.

How to Create an Online Course that Makes Money

Pick a subject that you are well-versed in or one you enjoy and share your knowledge with the world. Millions of people are willing to exchange their money for something that will bring value to their lives and help them meet their goals. So, find out what you can offer or help people with and turn it into a course. Identify the most in-demand topics and align them with your abilities. Create something that people want and find valuable. Go to top platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Coursera and type in your search.

For example, if you want to teach graphic design, use the relevant keywords. Just type in graphic design and you’ll get more than a thousand results. Pay attention to best-selling courses. Focus on the number of students, reviews, ratings, and most importantly, how much it costs. This will give you an idea of how to price yours.

The best thing about running this search is that you also get recommendations on the best-selling topics that you can include in your course. For example, when you search for ‘graphic design’ on Udemy, you’ll find the ‘Students also search for’ section that lists related topics. Such as Photoshop, illustrator, logo design, etc. Use this information to create a best-seller. If you are comfortable with Adobe photoshop, add that. Teach your students how to design logos and master photoshop.

Choose the Right Topic

When you find the right topic, take it a step further and ask your existing audience. Reach out to your followers on social networks and find out what they’ll like to learn. What are they willing to spend money on? Focus on topics that most people are interested in, do your research, and ensure your course stands out.

Create Your Content

After picking the right topic, begin the creation process. If the tutorial is 15 hours or more, divide each video into shorter sections. Each video can be 5 minutes, 17 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes long. This helps students to digest the information better and improves concentration.

Personalize Your Videos

Personalize your videos. Use a friendly tone and add one or two jokes to boost engagement.

Advertise Your Course

Next, create a landing page. Advertise your course and make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Hire a designer or use free templates. You can get them on HubSpot, wordpress.org, or Squarespace. If you like, you can use landing page creation tools like Lander or Unbounce instead. They are easy to use, come with many features, have in-built templates, offer countless customization options, and so much more.

Key things to keep in mind when designing your page are; a simple easy-to-navigate design, fast loading times, responsiveness, and course highlights. Share 2 or 3-minute introductory videos. Give users a reason to sign-up for your course. Talk about why you created the course, what they will benefit from it, how much it costs, etc. Use discounts and freebies to convert visitors to students.

Course Building Tools

You can consider using Thinkific to build your course from scratch or Teachable to create an online school.

Remember, there is a lot of competition out there. So, make sure your course stands out. Provide valuable up-to-date and practical information. Add free resources whenever possible. For example, offer benefits exclusive to students such as lifetime access, free eBooks, discounts, and so forth.

Upload your course on Udemy, Teachable, or Kajabi. Use social media channels, email marketing, or paid advertising to market your course and reach an even bigger audience.