The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez – Review

The 67 Steps is a course by Tai Lopez, where he tutors 67 steps to happiness, love, wealth and health. Read on for my review of this program.

The reason that Tai used these 67 steps is based on his belief system that it usually takes 66 days for a person to learn new habits or behaviors. He added in an extra step or day to avoid the negative connotations associated with 66. His overall goal for this course is to assist his subscribers in reaching what he has called “The Good Life”.

An Overview Of The Tai Lopez 67 Steps Course

The program by Tai Lopez, is based on 67 principles which he learned from a number of mentors that have had a significant impact on his own life. These mentors include famous people like Peter Drucker, Gandhi, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and more.

This course is available in a video-format, with each video featuring in-depth explanations of the different life principles. These videos also include instructions on how these principles can be applied to our daily lives.

The VIP members are offered with accessibility to live-coaching calls twice-a-moth, where they are offered with answers and advice from Tai. This program also comes with bonus material such as the Book-of-day premium audio, which includes more than 100 coaching-video materials for his students.

With every video, Tai goes into in-depth explanations and provides ideas and examples involving the success when it comes to each of these principles. Here is a summary involving the 2 main steps in this program:

The Law Of 33%

Inside the 67 Steps program, you will find the 33% law that focuses on teaching you how you should be spending your time to improve and grow your life. In order to achieve success in your life you need to be spending time with 3 different groups. This law is broken down into the following:

• Apprentice

These are people behind or below you. You need to spend 33% of your time offering mentorship or teaching these people how to improve on 1 area in their lives. These can be family members or friends. This mentorship offers you with confidence as well as a better understanding of your time.

• The Partners

These are people on your same level such as your best friend or closest friends.

• Mentor

These are the people above you that you can spend your time asking questions or advice. These people should inspire you to become a better person.

Integrating Your Life

This forms a part of the 8th step in this course that teaches you how to integrate your life. The focus on this step is ways to make life easier in regard to how you carry out daily activities.

What Is Included In The 67 Steps Program

• The 67-Step Program To The Good Life

This offers access to 67 principles with the aim of changing your life for the better once you complete the program.

• Video Archive Vault

This offers access to more that 100-hours of the video library which contains past recorded coaching calls. Here you can learn key-secrets that Tai has collected from more than 150 books along with live calls involving more than 100,000 students.

The cost for the program is $67.

• VIP Membership

When signing up for this program you are entitled to coaching from Tai himself.

• Bonus

The bonus is inclusive of Tai’s list of Apps, Book-of- the-day-premium, speed-reading wizardry, investment secrets and access to his private Facebook group.

The cost for this VIP program is $67 a month. The course is ideal for those looking for a way to become successful in their lives and for those looking for a way to realize their hopes and dreams.